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Well hey everyone my name is khaleel knight Also known as mr.wckd I'm 18yrs old, fresh out of high school from leimert park *CRENSHAW DISTRICT* and I'm going to be telling you my story of why  I starting my own brand.

I remember being young and always having a passion for clothes like it was always my thing it started off just from skateboarding the love and comfort I have in my heart for skateboarding is crazy, I used to always go out and try to get up out my area to see a better scenery so I'd go out to venice beach sometimes Santa Monica and just skate and I would always go to like the local skate shops around there or boutiques like undftd and active etc.. and just look at the new clothes feel the textures and patterns look at the better ink and the cheaper ink idk it was just my thing by the time I hit high school I was like you know what I figure imma start my own thing but I had No clue about doing so I didn't have no resources cause at the time I didn't have a computer nor did I have cash.

So then I knew there that it was already going to be a hell of a ride I ending up breaking my ankle on this 8 stair trying to ollie off it but some asshole got it my way and I ending up bailing nasty ... but  enough about that so now I was pretty much stuck in the house. at this time I had no clue what Adobe illustrator was so I would just draw up all my designs and keep them and this folder , you know the ones you get from the 99 cent stores. Well anyway by the time I Was walking again and I healed up I had a shit load of artwork on papers from just sitting inside my room. I live near a swap-meet called the slauson swap-meet I kind of knew that I would Be able to show them what I drew and they would be able to clean it up and throw it in the computer. but I couldnt just do all of them cause it cost 10 each design so this happen to be the one I decided to go with (THE LOGO ABOVE) I start Putting it on blank T-shirts for myself until someone asked what it was and I looked down at my shirt and thought and my head like what should I say and I quickly Responded " Its my brand wckdthghts" and once he said it was cool and wanted to buy a shirt I immediately thought to myself how sick is that .That someone is insterested in my creation and once i got him the shirt and i got my money from him I thought to myself i potentially have a brand.

so I eventully dropped a shirt hand tie dye T's spent like 2 days doing only 12 shirts messed up a couple and sold them for cheap I ended up loosing 50 dollars. plus I did it wrong cause I got them vinyl so it was exspensive . But then I put out another shirt out because I knew I couldnt give up. I would have to go harder so I ending up Doing a black long sleeve white ink on a black shirt got them screen printed saved a bunch of money made lots of money and sold out of 32 pieces in 2 days and from that point on I started taking this shit very serious alot of people say im so yound doing this but thats what make it that much fun of course I was doing more drops delievering on my skateboard all around LA. so now im about to open my website actully tomorrow.. well today  way later around 4 or 5ish maybe I just need to get my last piece out of production and then its show time and since its today im dropping the site ill even let it open to the public Ill leave the Link at the bottom I wont have my store live until about 4 or 5 like I said so if your reading this around that time you should be able to even purchase something and I know jeff said 4 items is not good to drop a site but.. I recently just left my job at subway I just couldnt see myself doing it any longer I just felt misserble evevryday I would go inside there I just couldnt take it anymore so now im young and im chasing my dreams! and I believe in myself and most important my brand so these 4 items is just gonna haft to work for now !http://www.wckdthghts.com


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