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WATERCOLOUR (updated):: With Romance & Drama there are sure to be fireworks...!

Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working(Pablo Picasso)

Three more and sadly the last due to work commitments! :( I feel like I have approached my illustrations in this course in a more sketchy way and allowed myself to try new techniques - it's been a great learning curve especially adding glitter and playing with gems. I have loved the course (thanks Katie!) and the overwhelming support from other students has been amazing, so encouraging! Plus everyones work looks awesome! :)) 

First four watercolours!! I've enjoyed playing with the flow of the dresses and trying to be a little loose with the smaller details like hands, feet etc.

I think I need to maintain the sketchy lines of my drawings though, they tend to 'neaten up' a little so I will carry on practising with the next round of paintings! I would love your feedback too! :)

Initial sketches to work out poses etc, so its very rough but looking forward to getting more polished sketches on watercolour paper this weekend! I am having so much fun!!

  • I am drawn to images and designs that have an air of romance and feminity - the kind that you just want to wear and twirl around in!
  • I can't help but love classic or tried and tested looks as well - whether it is vintage couture, retro influences or reworked classics from past decades.
  • Drama - anything that makes me look twice gets my full attention on the second take!

I have a weakness for:

  • Mono, neutrals and earthy tones; the colours of serenity
  • Floating lines that create drama
  • Sensual silhouettes with strong structures

However, I do like to induldge from time to time in a flash of colour...


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