WATERCOLOR,SKETCH: High-Fashion Fantasy

WATERCOLOR,SKETCH: High-Fashion Fantasy - student project


Here is my attempt at watercolor..I did mess up the skirt a bit - hoping I can fix it. Would love to get some feed back. Thanks.

WATERCOLOR,SKETCH: High-Fashion Fantasy - image 1 - student project

Here is sketch 1.  It's my all time favorite editorial shot.  Still need to finish the chandelier..I would love to get your feedback. Thanks.

Version 1: Pic of original image - it's a bit light. (Scanned images were worse)

WATERCOLOR,SKETCH: High-Fashion Fantasy - image 2 - student project

Version 2: I edited it and made it darker to see better.

WATERCOLOR,SKETCH: High-Fashion Fantasy - image 3 - student project

                                WATERCOLOR,SKETCH: High-Fashion Fantasy - image 4 - student project


Hi Katie and fellow Class mates!

I'm so excited to begin this project!  I'm drawn to quirky, whimsical high fashion images.  I love Tim Walker editorials.  

Warning: following paragraph is a bit pretentious and cheesy, but I couldn't help my self  ;-) 

This story is about a girl who likes to dress up, enjoys high-tea, listens to Lana Del Rae, does fashion editorials and goes to the Oscars.  She's fun, quirky, and glamorous. The following images by Dior, Marchesa and the likes..are quite convincing of these personality traits.  

{ More inspiration on my pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/ijinku/paperfashion-class/ }

My Absolute favorite editorial hanging from chandelier  {2004 Editorial}WATERCOLOR,SKETCH: High-Fashion Fantasy - image 5 - student project

Oscar and more Dior..WATERCOLOR,SKETCH: High-Fashion Fantasy - image 6 - student project

Perfect for this class - tulle and sequence/glitter Marchesa gownsWATERCOLOR,SKETCH: High-Fashion Fantasy - image 7 - student project

A bit of whimsy..WATERCOLOR,SKETCH: High-Fashion Fantasy - image 8 - student project

Love this girl's look (Street fashion from fashion week found on refinery 29.. and more funky dior!WATERCOLOR,SKETCH: High-Fashion Fantasy - image 9 - student project