WATERCOLOR : happily ever after

I've totally ruined the head/hair bit in my watercolour so it looks really odd - it has been 10 years at least since I did watercolours so I was very nervous! Any suggestions/pointers to improve will be much appreciated :). I've only done one illustration so far, and will probably do the 2nd one tomorrow..

My attempts at sketching two of my inspirations below. I've attached the thumbnails of the images I'm referencing next to my sketches but you can see the full images if you scroll down to inspirations no. 2 and 4. I'm not particularly confident at sketching, any comments for improvement will be appreciated! :)

I adore whimsical, unapologetically romantic and feminine fashion that has an almost fairytale-like touch.. I love intricate details and embellishments in the dresses and accessories, although I suspect I will struggle to illustrate these details! :)

Another source of inspiration is the timeless Audrey Hepburn with her innate sense of style.


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