WATERCOLOR- Texture! Layers! And Movement- Oh My!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

I really want to work on illustrating fashion in a way that communicates the look and feel of the materials. I think Katie does that beautifully. The pieces that inspired me were full of rich patterns and textures that layered to create a beautiful effect. I also found some more "dancerly" images showing motion. 

Update: Watercolors! Sorry for the crappy photos!

Sketches: OK this first sketch will be challenging to watercolor, and I think fun to embellish. The inspiration is from Alexander McQueen's spring collection. The whole collection is very beekeeper-esque.

Thie next drawing is a mash up of the two inspiration photos. I wanted this coat to really move.

This last sketch draws inspiration from the four photos below it. It captures all of the things I am trying to practice-- movement, texture, and....hats!

The pose comes from this amazing and sexy flamenco dancer....

I kind of made up this hat as a simplified version of this Philip Treacy piece....

You can't really tell in the drawing, but I plan on watercoloring the torso of the dress to make this high-texture effect like this Vivienne Westwood creation.....

And lastly, I drew the ripped up bottom of this dress. I wanted to be able to see her pose through it. I'm not sure how that will read in the watercolor. The drawing was ambitious.

OK that's it for the sketches. I know I only did 3, but I did work really hard and spend a long time on each of them. I can't wait to start watercoloring!!

OK Now for Movement! It would be so much fun to watercolor these images:


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