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WATERCOLOR :: SKETCH :: Mystery & Intrigue

(Update 3/21)

Watercolor 7: Glitter is FUN

Watercolor 6:  Went back to the drawing board on this one today, so to speak....thoughts? Had a little bit of fun w/ the glitter pen but unfortunately I didn't get the glitter just "right" before it got gooey and nearly dried - and then it was too late. But I like the underpainting so here it is anyway, despite not being overjoyed about it.

(Update 3/18)

Watercolor 5: Continuing to work with this image. This time it's a different sort of experimentation...

Watercolor 4: My first attempt at this lovely lady...

(Update 3/17)

Watercolor 3:

Watercolor 2:


(Update 3/16)

The start of my sketching + watercolor.  I welcome your honest feedback

Watercolor 1:

Sketch 1:

(Update 3/14)

I just added a new image (the first one) because I fell in love with it's mystery and movement the second I saw it today. Isn't it gorgeous?

Also, some of you may be interested in my fashion illustration board for inspiration. I've been collecting illustrations for a few months: http://pinterest.com/saffronandteal/fashion-illustration/

I didn't begin sourcing imagery with a theme or story in mind but selected photos that I connected with instantly (less than 3 seconds was the rule I followed). I noticed a common tone of mystery and intrigue began to emerge. I find all of these to be very stunning and illusive.

I have a fashion board where many of these images can be found: http://pinterest.com/saffronandteal/fashion/

I also have a color inspiration board where some of these are pinned: http://pinterest.com/saffronandteal/color-inspiration/


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