WATERCOLOR - SKETCH: Creation's Colors

The shininess of that black silk creates the most gorgeous and hypnotizing effect.

I have always loved both drawing and anything to do with fashion, so I'm prepared to believe that the combination of the two will be absolutely stellar. 

It's very difficult for me to move past black and white. It's my comfort zone.

Steve McCurry's photos are a constant inspiration to me. He has the ability to make anything seem breathtakingly beautiful.

This red Valentino dress and the almost blue black hair of the model are so gorgeous. 

I did a watercolor of this Chen Man self portrait before, but I really didn't do it justice. I love those glasses more than I can ever say.

Anyhoo, on to the runway!

This look from Dior's (fall?) 2013 collection is amazing. I love the model's hair and lipstick.

Tadashi Shoji's fall 2013 collection was amazingly beautiful. Every piece looked completely natural on the models. One of my favorite runway collections of all time, for certain.

I know this look is not directly from the runway, but Marion cotillard in Dior is enough to make me swoon any day. This is most likely the look I'm going to illustrate, but I may decide to change the colors up for something a little brighter.

This is my sketch of Marion in Dior as of now. It is backwards, due to the fact that my printer is currently out of comission and I had to use my Mac's Photobooth instead. how embarassing. The head is not all that I wanted it to be, so I expect that will change a bit. I am also hoping to help it become less literal and add some of my own style to it. I am so excited (and terrified) to start painting it!

I think this is my finished sketch. I changed the head, unpuffed the bodice, and shortened the skirt a little. I also lightened some of the harder lines from the first one.

This is my watercolor so far. I was terrified the whole time I was painting it. I went a little overboard on her face, and I think I overpainted it. So that's going to just have to stay the way it is. I'm going to do her hands next, and maybe add a little more shadow to the clothes. It is, yet again, backwards, and I couldn't do anything about that bright spot. So annoying.


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