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The overall unifying theme of the zine is ‘Walk’; since most of the poems in some form or the other mirrors a walk, either imaginary, assumed or a literal, physical one thus creating a cohesion.


My cover page looks like this, and the illustration suggests a walk by me.



I saw my case of Polaroid photographs which I had purchased during one of my recent travels; hence I decided to write about it.





 Travel memories

Ensconced in heart’s recesses

Can reach, cannot touch.

This is how it looks in the zine.

ASSIGNMENT 2: (Describe your favorite painting)


This is one of my favorite paintings which my parents gifted to me on my house warming ceremony. It’s a reproduction of a painting by Raja Ravi Varma who was one of the most eminent painters ever in India.

Here’s my poem for this assignment.



 Cleaving through the steely darkness

the maiden emerges in unbridled glory;

daunting beauty in tow.

The lamp flickers.

Her beauty unwavering.

Everyone battles valiantly, to keep their eyes open.

what makes them blink - her radiance or the lamp’s effulgence?


The zine page looks like this:


 I went out for a walk and these are the images I shot.

The third one below is of a handbill stuck on a wall.

The last two below are elements from nature that I discovered while walking around and shooting at the suggested 100 step interval.


 Stone lined pavement dotted with delicacy

Lonely crimson languishes in a prison of brown boughs.

A bill sticker cherub exultant in the colours of independence,

while a pheasant mourns his captivity.

Caged, confined and circumscribed;

in soul, strength and spirit.

The bondage tethers me too – all I feel is blue.


The zine page is as shown below:



I did not get any spam mail in my mail box, (we usually don’t here). So I picked up a random book and rifled through random pages until I found the word walk in it and then went ahead and wrote this.




Nervous as hell



Like some midnight

With no trail of my presence


The corresponding zine page below:



I fixed my gaze on one of the things while on a walk and it happened to be a signage and from there I let my mind wander ‘stream- of- consciousness’ style and came up with this



The signage glows bright

Reluctant streetlights just like him yesterday

all I want to do is roll in bed guess he would be late today

but dinner would be ready hot, tasty

I would look hot too red knickers and all

but they are a little faded I better walk

buy a new pair look good just like the blondes and redheads he ogles at


The zine page looks like this:

ASSIGNMENT 6: POETRY OF CHOICE (basic form of Pleiades)


The last assignment was to pick any form of one’s choice and I chose my current favorite ‘Pleiades’; a form invented in 1999 by Craig Tigerman, Sol Magazine's Lead Editor. Only one word is allowed in the title followed by a single seven-line stanza. The first word in each line begins with the same letter as the title. I based it on the theme of the zine; ‘Walk’.

Here it is:



Walked in unison

Withered soul and weary body

Wistful memories accompanying

Wept, wishing the journey to end

Water, wind and the sky beckoned

Wreathed in joy

When I stopped and took a leap


The corresponding zine page below:

Here are all the pages of the zine in order.

Cover Page

Pages 1 and 2

Pages 3 and 4

Pages 5 and 6

Back Cover Page


And finally, I decided to illustrate the back page of the zine. Tada.

Hope you like it.


Matthew, request you to please provide feedback. I have not enjoyed a poetry workshop and assignment so much in the recent past. Look forward to more such enriching classes from you.

Thanks & regards! 


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