Updates start below, any and all feedback would be greatly appriciated in the comments area below. If you like what you see, please "like" my project.  You can follow my development on Heroku: http://wattapp.herokuapp.com/ & on GitHub: https://github.com/JamesHighsmith/watt


WA.TT provides an Energy-as-a-Service experience to our clients.

Based on the unique way that you consume the energy that powers your life (electricity, heating, cooling & transportation), WA.TT identifies savings on day one with zero upfront costs and up to tens of thousands of dollars of savings over you lifetime relationship with WA.TT.

WA.TT is dedicated to guiding people to have significant savings on their energy in a simple, stylish & socially contious way with minimal to zero impacts to their lifestyle

The WA.TT team has deep roots and years of experience in, on and around the energy industry (that is James leading a team to inspect a Siemens 2.3MW 13 Ton fiberglass wind turbine blade using Industrail Rope Access):


The goal at WA.TT is to guide consumers to save over $1 Billion on their energy annually starting on day one with ZERO upfront costs. 

Visit us (when we start building out ROR web app) at http://www.wa.tt


The WA.TT Team

Update One 3/11/13

You can check out what I have been able to push to Heroku: http://wattapp.herokuapp.com/ 

I initially did the design for the website in Apple Keynote, which I have learned to love for doing website mockups as it is fast and powerful. Check out: http://www.quora.com/How-do-web-UI-UX-designers-use-Keynote

I was able to create most of the rails aspect of the app, but am coming across lots of difficulty doing the HTML and CSS styling of the application. This is what I have been able to do so far:

But what I have been able to do is use some as the Keynote design elements in the web application. The watt logo was designed in Keynote as well as the Favicon you can see in the browser tab. 


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