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Vulpes & The Lion

I just wanted to start this off by thanking Fraser Davidson for making a skillshare course! I've been waiting a long time hoping he'd someday make one, and to say the least it was worth it. I've never used illustrator to 'sketch', but I found it to be wonderful.

So, thanks Fraser!

For my project I chose to make a fox, probably because it's one of those animals that has far too much appeal in the design community. I'm really not going to say terribly much since it's the visuals you'll be more interested in. 


Some other sketch attempts that I was saving backups of just in case.

Bold Lines

I tend to save almost every copy as I make progress, so bare with me here. As I was making concepts I noticed that some of them were coming off as 'too aggressive' so I decided to dial it back by cutting out the eyes of a larger shape.

These are the more finalized concepts with some brainstorming for the tuft of fur under the neck.


Hope you guys enjoyed it! I may (or may not) be attempting a side view of the fox in the near future, depending on how much time I have.

Once again, thank you Fraser. Your course really cleared some misconceptions that I had about the pen tool.


3 Quarter View

As of last night I've attempted something a little more my style. I'm a big fan of logos that work well in 1 color so I decided to stray a little bit from the original style in this class. The front view I posted earlier was fairly quick, but this other rendition was hand drawn first and scanned in. Enjoy!

One last logo: The Lion


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