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What's happenin'

For this project i chose to look at the Grey Wolf, in regards to my heritage.

Diving back into the mythological past of Serbia, the Slavic people of that area would often feature the grey wolf in their stories and epic poetry as a symbol of ferocity and fearlessness, as well as erect totems in honor of the grey wolf.  This was the countries national symbol




Below is the starting sketch. I chose to keep the shapes quite angular and sharp ulitmately creating a more striking image in terms of it's body



I sketched this out in the car on a ilght piece of paper, and couldn't rub the eyes out anymore so i just fixed it in post

Below is the fleshing out of the piece




and then details and shading 



Ulitmatey deciding on the blue scheme as is better fit my theme. Below combined with a grainy texture


  Aaannndd finally


Ulitmately im pretty happy with the whole thing

Although I woud really have liked to get into the image and tweak everything up. I'm currently doing my masters (in Animation wooh), and sort of did this as a procrastination task over a few days when I could. I sort of had to rush a little in the end which is why a few things are off kilter

Seriously awesome tutorials though. This was my first one on this site, and will definately be watching any others you might have made.

Props to the other projects they are all looking great

Much love from the Gold Coast, Australia 



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