Crista Alejandre

Digital illustrator



Volunteer Park, Seattle

I liked the idea of focusing on something very specific to illustrate a city like Lydia did in her example, so I began by brainstorming about my neighborhood in Seattle. I soon found that there were way too many ideas, so I narrowed it down to my part of my neighborhood and then, finally, to a lovely park less than a mile from where I live. 

This is the first of three or four sketch sittings.


Here is the composite of my sketches. 

And here I am part way through tracing in Illustrator. As my third ever Illustrator project I am finding this pretty difficult, but it is also really satisfying! I added some variety in the top and bottom row repeats by changing some of the objects.

Tracing complete! 

Trying out a few color combinations:

And what I settled on (for now). The art brushes have also been applied here.

The texture stage was great fun, though I may have gone slightly overboard! Also, I think it was much easier to play with color through adjustment layers instead of spending a ton of time on it in Illustrator. Not sure if this is the final version yet, but I like this project more and more each time I work on it.


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