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Computer-aided handcrafting




05-Almost output

Finally made it to the last chapter. Outputting via image sequences is nice. And those two tips at the end are gold. The applescript and the video converter. Now I have to get my head around what exactly I want to output. So many variables, so many choices to be made. So for now these two screenshots:



04-Back in the room

It's been weeks since I've been here. Luckily time does not exist in Skillshare classes. But picking up where I left off, was not easy. I felt completely lost. I guess I have to go through the videos again. But the great thing about coding is that you can always just 'fool around' in the code that you have written some time ago. And then, if you're lucky, your screen is soon again full of new wonder: 




This could be a good library to produce really fast GIFs from within the Processing: http://extrapixel.github.io/gif-animation/ Remember that GIFs do not support transparancy. As a result I am still not able to show off animations. Need more time to experiment with GIF output. Meanwhile another simple screenshot:


02-Seven colors two people



Made it through the 6 first steps. Have to figure out what would be the best way to output. For now, just a generated screenshot. Tetris-like figures in red and blue. The vivid contrast between bright blue and bright red adds an extra depth in this first basic 3D experiment. Still struggling a bit with the proper positioning of elements on screen. 

I also have the impression that the the HGroup and/or HCanvas don't work in 3D.



After the first class, I could not resist taking this one too. I remember just enough from class 1 to follow these new sessions. The nesting of objects was something I looked over in class 1. Powerful stuff. Autoclear is also very handy. Only wondering how I will show any results in here. Don't see any ability to post videoclips. Suppose we will have to post elsewhere and hyperlink to them.


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