Voice (was Recorder)

Hi! I'm Andrew, and I have a really good idea for an app I'm going to make with the knowledge I get from this course. Essentially, it is a voice recorder app that can upload the recordings to services like Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud storage services. It will also support iCloud so if they want to access their recordings from another device (i.e. an iPad or Mac [with the Mac version of the app that I will make later]) as well.

I haven't exactly started the project yet, but I will be working on it along side the course while I'm following it. I'll update the post every time I hit a milestone with the app.

UPDATE: Yay! I've got a mockup of what its going to look like! I'm up to the part of the course where we start learning about Objective-C. I have to say, I've learnt a lot in the first part of this course. I found it pretty easy as I already know Javascript, and they aren't all that different. You can see the mockup below (sorry about my messy handwriting. If you want an explanation of what it all means just ask in the comments)

UPDATE 2: I should have consulted Google before naming my app. Recorder was already in use. The app is now called Voice (i checked if it was the name of another app and it wasn't)


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