A starter version of the pitch is here: http://www.slideshare.net/ruthku/vleeo-pitch-skillshare-class. Right now it's too wordy. I am working on putting some of the slides into graphic format.

1. Define the problem your venture is solving and what differentiates your company
Solving the Problem: Discovery. With the explosive growth of ebooks and self publishing platforms, it has become difficult for authors to get through the clutter and get noticed. Likewise, consumers have a hard time discovering good books

Differentiate: We provide reach to consumers through a subscription lending platform, initially focus on self-published authors. Subscription platform encourages reading and browsing without having to buy each book (value proposition.) Curated list function is another discovery function.

2. Describe what motivates you to devote the next X years of your life to this company and this problem.

Aim to be the for-profit fee based library of the next decade. Books have changed my life. It has been and will still be the way ideas and thoughts are transferred from one person’s head to another, irrespective of the form of the container.

3. Identify your competitors that might move into your space.

Amazon - Main focus is on Prime membership. Recommendation tool is weak.

Publishers discontent with Amazon.

Apple Google - Not their strategic priority.

24 Symbol, Skoobe - based in Spain and Germany

BookPig, TedBooks - Publisher based niches

4. Identify a short list of firms you’ll pitch to and why.

Keiretsu-Angel group I already know and know people in it.

Private Investors-personal contacts

Golden Seeds-focuses on women ventures

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures-I’m based in Brooklyn

Suggestions please...

Looking forward to your comments.


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