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Vivre à Paris


After carefully reading the description of the project and what the imaginary client wanted, I decided to start with researching what people of Paris think of themselves, since the target group of the customers would probably be Parisians, now that they are located there. I called a French friend of mine and interviewed him on this matter. Based on his knowledge through numerous visits to Paris and friendships with Parisians, the interview resulted in the following:

  • Parisians like to dress up and be posh.
  • People living in Paris are proud to be French and often even more proud to be Parisians.
  • They hold the Eiffel tower very dearly and all age groups often hang out in the park next to it, and by the river Seine close by.

I was quite surprised to hear that the images most non-French people hold about living in Paris are quite accurate! I had imagined the Parisians to be more nonchalant towards the tourist crowded monuments in their city, since that's how I feel about my own city (Copenhagen, Denmark).

Logo components

With the above three things in mind I decided that the logo should include the Eiffel tower and some kind of a symbol for the river Seine. Since the client is a clothing store, I figured the logo had to work in very small scale, for instance on pricing tags or business cards. I also kept in mind that the requirements from the client, so my goal was to create a logo with following treats and elements:

  • Simple
  • Harmonious
  • Posh
  • Eiffel tower
  • River Seine
  • Has to work in small scale

I had thought about making it look very childish, but since the client doesn't only sell to kids, but just mainly sell to kids I decided not to. It's also my experience that kids like to appear older than they are, and so making a logo that can appeal to older kids, teenagers and young adults as well would be a bonus. The result before coloring looked like this:

I found the font at Adobe Typekit. It's called Clarendon Wide. I think it fits well in - it's easy to read for kids and has that posh feel to it.
Sidenote: Now I’m not a marketing expert, but I would suggest the client changed their name to "Vivre á Paris" ("Living in Paris" in French) since so many French people strongly dislike speaking other language than French (especially English) - maybe you could suggest that to them, Lyn ;-)


Based on my research I decided to try and use the colors of the flag of Paris - which is blue and red. I tried messing around with tints, shades and tones - when I watched the second video on this topic I had an idea to use pastels but quickly discovered that a red hue with a tint = pink, and that just didn't look right with this logo. I went on to Adobe color and found a great color scheme called "France Soccer Team": 

With the two lighter blue and red colors as well as I colored my logo and created a black boarder around it. I'm not sure if I like it better with a grey or white background - I would let that be up to the client.


I created a simple and harmonious logo with symbols of things dear to the client's target group applying what i learned from class about color theory. This has been a fun project, and I'm quite surprised with how well the result turned out to be in my opinon, and looking much forward to get feedback and welcome all constructive criticism.


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