Anne Bioty H.

Advertising Creative



Viva Las Akiba

This postcard is for our local Temple Akiba's Casino Night fundraiser. I was inspired by vintage Vegas. (60's Casino signs) Hence the name of the event, Viva Las Akiba.

(Thumbnails to be uploaded)

Some tighter sketches. The first time I ever went to Vegas I felt so small with all the tall buildings. That inspired the tall tower like letters of this one...


And this one I wanted to be a little sexier/curvier...


And the final result (dice are a placeholder). Not sure if I like the black and white or the color better?:



To conclude, I had fun doing this. It was harder than I thought, drawing interesting letters, and particularly tracing using Martina's method. However, it a brilliant method in that I've used Illustrator and never gotten such perfect shapes. Need more practice!


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