Vitamix - student project

Target Market

1. Baby Boomers - 65+ concerned about aging, health and disease. Looking to put their wellness as a first priority

Research on Boomers: Market research on Boomer health needs demanding marketing budget from health and wellness service providers  Boomer generation turning to nutrition for preventative measures 
Scientific research on the role nutrition plays with preventing or reducing chronic diseas in the elderly

2. Family focused - primarily targeting Moms/Mums that are responsible for most of the family planning, concerned with giving their family the best food (natural, organic, locally sourced) but still want the food to taste good. They also like impressing their friends with their ‘wonder mom’ skills.

3. Fitness focused - targeting ‘athletes’ looking to maintain their peak performance, celebrity athletes, triathletes, etc.

4. Aspirationals - targeting young professionals that pride themselves on having the best and know the value of investing in a luxury product as well as those dedicated to their health and wellness (competitive endurance athletes) 

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