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Vitali's project

Hello, everyone!

I'm Vitali, you can visit my deviant page here:

First of all, let me thank you, Patrick, for this amazing opportunity to learn. Your art is fantastic, it is very inspiring, and I am very excited to participate in this event.

So, initially I had this crazy idea to draw Batman working out)) Doing sitting bicep curls. Because I thought, well, Batman is a super hero without super powers… except for the power in his muscles. And unless he hasn't been genetically engineered to be huge, he just has to pump iron. So I had this picture in my head of Batman sitting in his batcave, doing all sorts of exercises (without his costume, just in shorts and a t-shirt with his bat logo on it), with Alfred mixing protein smoothies for him. Maybe not a very bright idea for depicting a superhero, but it was ok for practice, I suppose. I began sketching it, and I wanted to do a dramatic perspective. Unfortunately, I could not find a reference image close enough to what I had in mind, and I struggled quite a bit and wasn’t happy with it at all. I wanted the anatomy and pose to be right, but it did not look ok to me.

So, eventually I decided to forget about Batman doing pushups with Alfred on his back, and other crazy exercises. Maybe later, but now I will just humbly copy some interesting references. I want to have the feel of the anatomy, the proportions and so on. And for that, I think, it will be best to sketch as much as possible.

Here is my first image. I found a nice photo of Arnold, sketched it, and then inked digitally. Unfortunately, I cannot show the sketch, I did everything on one layer. I intend to keep doing this kind of sketches, so next time I will show the steps.

Please, comment. Suggestions, critiques will be welcome. Should I try to add hatching as well?

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Ok, so here is my next sketch. This time I outlined the shadows beforehand as well. Probably, it was a mistake, because I stopped looking at the reference when I was inking. And the shadows came out somewhat less detailed. What do you think? 

Oh, and a few words about why the hell I am inking, because the class isn't about inking, after all. Well, I just can't stop at a sketch level, I have to see, what I can do with that sketch. But I do the inking quickly and sketchy, so maybe it's ok. It also helps me to see mistakes and disproportions more clearly. For example, now I see, that I did Arnold's thighs an injustice, they must be thicker. The head smaller, probably?

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