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Visually Speaking

Everyday Logos

Below are a few logos that stick out to me, for some reasons better than others. I find it interesting how we become numb to some logos after seeing them so often. We go through our day barely thinking twice about them, what they represent ot why they were designed in that way.

10 Words, 10 Typefaces

Kerning Exercise

Below is my kerning exercise with the word 'Typographic' in the Didot font type. What jumped out initially was the close spacing of the "gra" compared to the other letters so that is what I focused on fixing first. 


The Babies 'R' Us logo successfully reflects the nature of their business for a few reasons:

  • The bubble letters, along with the reversed "R", make the logo more playful and youthful.
  • Though the color of the letters seems to be lavendar, it still seems pretty gender-neutral.
  • Choosing to make the "i" the only letter that is lowercase makes it stand out more and signifies that the brand is for babies and toddlers.

Alphabet Exercise

I really enjoyed this exercise! It was harder than I thought especially since I used ink, but I am pleased with the results.

Initials Exercise

I decided to create my initials using one of my most favorite snacks...trail mix! My initials are MM but instead of using the same letter twice, I used my first and middle initial, MK. I got a bit creative with it!

Final Project Sketches

I chose the quote "We hope for better things; it shall rise from the ashes." This is the city of Detroit motto and it was written by Father Gabriel Richard back in 1805 after the city was nearly destroyed by a fire. The quote is engraved (in Latin) on our seal which is on our Spirit of Detroit statue pictured below. I doubt it is a secret that Detroit has been through hard times. While we are still recovering, the efforts in recent years has been tremendous and our city is definitely turning around. Alot of the work is from the city's residents who believe in Detroit and take great pride in it, through good and bad times. We even have people from other states and countries coming in to contribute to the city's revitalization. I picked this quote because helping to rebuild Detroit is a passion of mine and I wanted to create an illustration that will serve as a daily reminder that if we really want to see change, we must do our part and put in the work to rebuild this beautiful city.

Below are my initial sketches.

My thoughts were to emphasize the words "Hope", "Better", and "Rise" because they are positive. I played around with different lettering styles to make the bigger words really pop. I made the lettering for "Better" similar (if not identical) to Better Made chips which are a staple snack food from Detroit (along with Vernors, Sanders fudge and Faygo).

I am having a difficult time deciding what other visual elements I should add, such as banners or symbols. I created a stipple effect on 2 of the ideas which is meant to symbolize ashes rising until they are no more. Then I had an idea to write the quote within "Detroit". However, I'm not sure if it gets lost in there.

These are all just ideas. I would greatly appreciate some feedback!


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