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Visualize Your Plan, Then Actualize!

Hello all :)

From the coast of southern Maine, we are bringing sunshine and spiritualism to the way you do business.

I joined Skillshare in the summer of 2015 because the goal of Merely Stardust (my design agency) is to use audiovisual content to produce calmness and confidence in our Superstar students. Recently I helped build the Move Forward project brand and we've combined our skills to realize our goal of creating 10,000 entrepreneurs. The goal is to establish communities all across the globe that are fueled by endless creation and Contributionism.

Right now we are collaborating with a team of highly motivated, multidimensional beings. We're working on a 4-part course about boosting your human effectiveness.

This course will take you on a step by step process to visualize, then actualize your manifested miracles.

Part 1 VISUALIZE: This is the first step to manifesting your dreams. If you listen to your dreams, your powers will be magnified. You will learn how to meditate on your goals and grow the confidence (not just competency) you need to succeed. 

In part I, Superstars will learn how to craft an audiovisual meditation. This is a challenge for some people. We'll show different ways to make meditations with mantras, healing tones and positive affirmations that dramatically changes brain chemistry. The meditation Superstars will write is based off of their individual contribution and establishing cooperation with other creatives.

These skills will also be marketable for those interested in creating information products that positively transform the lives of others.

Part 2 SEE IT & MAP IT: Systems of success are everywhere, there are literally limitless possibilities that create opportunities for you to grow, learn and evolve. In part 2 you will get the best tips for presenting your online identity.

Part II includes a guide to realizing a Mission Statement that resembles more of how we want to BE, not so much what we want to do. "To do what you want to do, you must be who you need to be."

Part 3 ACTUALIZE: The most essential skill for entrepreneurs is TIME MANAGEMENT. Even though some of us at Merely Stardust do not believe time exists in a linear fashion, we have studied for countless hours on how to manage our daily lives. Part Four's video will show you how to prioritize and maximize your day-to-day creative peaks.

Part III is to make an Action Plan that is not so much directed by the clock, but our internal compass. I will teach that the heart's magnetism is much more powerful than that of our brains. This is essential to understand when we are prioritizing our schedules. Also, we will learn how to identify ourselves as a whole by narrowing down our roles in life that satisfy mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Part 4 FLOW: Yes, you may have overprepared for that big "Do Over," but this is where you'll learn how to handle set-backs more effectively by Utilizing the Power of Positive Thinking.

Part IV reinforces all the skills learned above by strengthening our wills and proving flexible to resistance and life's common tribulations. This is also the part where we combine our major roles to start actualizing our income dreams. I know that no business nor amount of wealth can long endure unless built upon truth, honesty and love.

Please share with me your thoughts on these topics. I will continue to bring you great tips and positive thoughts through the Merely Stardust blog and email series.

Peace & Beauty,

Melanie Stardust


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