Carey Pietsch




Visual storytelling- updated!

3/25: final!

Thanks to everyone for your feedback! I don't know why I didn't get both faces in here from the get-go; it gives you so much more of a range for expressions. I'd love to come back and do more cleanup on this, but for now I'm going to call it done.


3/24- cleanup

It's been a long time since I've tried to paint something up! I realized I don't know a single thing about plate armor, so our poor lady petitioner is a bit of an amorphous blob. Hopefully the menace of the woman on the throne with the bloody spear still comes through!


3/23- refinement

Starting to mess with contrast and line to direct attention to the two main actors. Trying to establish a lack of trust for the woman seated on the throne with harsher angles and a shadow over her eyes; going to continue working on directing attention to the petitioner's clasped hands.


3/19/13- initial concepts for single storytelling image

Hi all! I'll be posting updates at the top of this project to cut down on your scrolling time. Looking forward to seeing all your work!

Here are my first thumbnail sketches, jotted down after reading through the lecture once:

I knew I wanted to try a piece with at least two characters. Beyond that, I'm interesting in exploring power dynamis and how to communicate what each character might want within the confines of a single image. I'm planning to revisit these thoughts after reading the lecture again and use those techniques o really push the effectiveness of these pieces, then choose one to refine.


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