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Visual Thinking - Not a usual commute!

I am currently out of work so the commute concept was kind of a crazy concept to get my head around and I for some reason did not want to pretend? Bad. So I finally picked this up and here I am:

Mind Map







At the end when trying to make a visual that really told a story I went back to where I started and apparently needed to be at the moment and made a story about me and puuling not all elements of me from the original mind map but focused on skills and knowledge and how I have changed over time. What I like about this is it is represented like a fictional geological cross section where the audience I would discuss this with would understand. The timeline, skills and knowledge as laid out together implies relationships which I also like. For example the Petrophysical community in an new community for me at Shell and that is where most of my contacts for that discipline would come from!

There were a few iterations here:

1. Me mind map -


2. Playing with concepts - but not enough to land here but it helped me figure out what to do.


4. idea in paper 53 to put it together -


5. needed accuracy and actually had to plot on graph paper!


6. The Final!!!! - Something that I will use to tell a stiry about me! :)



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