Ryan Hicks

Austin, TX



Visual Quote Poster

I'm working on this project in my high school graphic design course. The assignment was to create a poster design that visualizes a quote in a way that evokes something in the audience. I wanted to choose a quote that I liked, but not one that was overused. 

I started by picking a few quotes, then narrowing it down to one:

"Every closed eye is not sleeping, and every open eye is not seeing" -Bill Cosby

Next I started sketching a few different formats i thought would fit, and I liked this one a lot:

I then scanned my sketch and started digitizing it. Making my own script type for the words "sleeping" and "seeing" proved difficult (it isn't my strong suit), and so I reformatted the text to include just fonts. I also let the top 'wave' keep its shape intead of conforming to the border; it looks more interesting. I used the pathfinder method for seperating colors which was far easier than I anticipated. I also used the line method to add a halftone pattern to the rays emmitting from the eye.


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