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Visual Journalling

86ef2f1847e9ddac7f7e618bIn this 15 minutes class, you will be introduced to the basics of visual journaling. What is visual journaling I hear you ask? Visual journaling is a very powerful practice which supports you in your creative and entrepreneurial endeavours. Mixing paint, colours, images, photography, words, quotes, collage on the page is a technique which by-passes your rational thinking and taps right on Taino your subconscious. Visual journaling supports you in
listening and observing, paying attention to what is pulling my soul. What is calling you to bring to life? What needs to be expressed and created?

Following a quick and easy step by step approach, you will create a handmade journal ready to receive your words. This journal will be unique, colourful, tactile and can be prepared for a particular focus or theme such as a travel journal, an internal journey journal or a dream and goals journal etc.

At the end of this class you will have:
* been introduced to the basic premise of visual journaling
* been introduced to several techniques for getting paint on the blank page
* been offered ideas for adding additional pages to your handmade journal
* been shown how to add images and embellishments to the page
* been shown different techniques for binding your pages together



project outline:


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