Visual Journaling: Drawing My Feelings!

Visual Journaling: Drawing My Feelings! - student project

Exercise One: What Inspires You

Visual Journaling: Drawing My Feelings! - image 1 - student project

I made this drawing because I met a woman a couple weeks ago from Facebook Marketplace. She was selling an easel that I had dreamed of having. I actually saw it at hobby lobby that same day and thought...maybe someday. Ironically enough, this woman was selling the EXACT same one for an unbelievably cheap price. When I met her I was greeted by her adorable chihuahua. She lives alone with her best friend, her dog. She told me, “I wanted to be a painter but it wasn’t for me, so I decided to become a writer! I am writing my first non-fiction historical novel.” This woman was well in her 70’s-80’s. She was the sweetest woman I’d met and inspired me to believe that age does not stop you from following your dreams and you can be whatever your heart desires. I will never forget her.


 Exercise Two: What You Hate

Visual Journaling: Drawing My Feelings! - image 2 - student project

I decided to draw what was important to me and has been weighing on me through many years. Ignorance, carelessness, oblivion, losing hope with seeing multiple doctors for pain...all things expressed through my doodles here. I hope to someday be A LOT better at illustration!

Exercise Three: What You Want 

Visual Journaling: Drawing My Feelings! - image 3 - student project

My first picture drawn is a trip to Paris and some of the things I would do or go see there. The second is a drawing of myself trying to figure out what I want to do for a career. I have passions like writing a book, becoming an art teacher, working with animals or opening my own business making healthy/allergy friendly smoothies and bowls. That’s what actually lead me to SkillShare. Third picture is a drawing of a piano. I just started taking piano lessons and hope to learn how to play! The final picture is a drawing of my scrapbooks and how I’d love to finish them. I have many years to catch up on still.