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Henrique Athayde

Illustrator & Graphic Designer



Visual Interest: Why Police Lie Under Oath

Hey guys, here's my final piece. I tried to experiment with this illustration, using a lot of textures and less colors than I'm used to. Hope to hear from you!

Mike, I had some difficulties giving life to the shadows, bringing different situations to each of them, so they didn't really came out as I expected. Please tell me what you think about this final piece!

Thank you all!

Some detail.


I think one of the phrases that caught more of my attention was this one: 'Disturbingly, they have incentive to lie.' Maybe this resumes everything's that's wrong.

'Everyone knows you have to be crazy to accuse the police of lying.'

'Law enforcement has increasingly become a numbers game.'

'Our primary job is not to help anybody'.


From a lot of remarkable sentences, I made some sketches. Some I think turned out a little out of the key problem, so I picked three out of five that I thought may have more future and worked on it.

1) A police officer with a half-covered face (could be a faceless one too) have a lot of shadows. They protect each other and keep occasional problems away with the strength of the badge.

2) The police employee of the month looks like a convict, wearing a mask and standing on one of those rooms where the suspects go for victims recognize them. He also could be holding the employee of the month plate, like the convicts make with a plate with their prison number.

3) An award-winning police officer in a lying contest.


I would appreciate any help, thoughts and opinions! It is being a great exercise, really challenging and fun!


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