Visual Identity Brand

Visual Identity Brand - student project

I am so grateful about this class! Thank you Kate for this honest sharing of your process and knowledge on this matter.

My Graphic Design brand doesn't have a name yet, because I'm deciding if the best is a fantasy name or just my last name.  My purpose of going freelance is not being like those kick-ass Graphic Designers that sneeze and make the coolest things :p   I'm methodic, very "less is more" designer that loves to treat customers with kindness and show them that a distinctive Visual Identity can help their business (large or small) grow and gain presence.

An example of a branding project for a Restaurant:

Visual Identity Brand - image 1 - student project

The idea of the Designer as the one who creates and projects a memorable experience as the utmost purpose of Design, combined with my overall optimistic way of being, allowed me to fill the chart as follows:

Visual Identity Brand - image 2 - student project

Ok, this part of the emotional and functional benefits was a tough part for me to identify. Any critic, suggestion or comment is very welcomed!

Visual Identity Brand - image 3 - student project

This I've done so far. Next step for me is to define my own brand name, identify in concrete the services I offer and the business plan.  

Another thing that Im definitely lacking is presence in social media as a Designer, so that is also a Must that I have to deal with asap, but this whole exercise will guide the process of presenting myself!! 

Caro Laina
Graphic Designer