Visual Foundations - Athena redesign

Visual Foundations - Athena redesign - student project

Firstly, thank you Julia for creating this course. I am interested in transitioning into UX design and found this course interesting as an intro to UI design foundations.


For the project, I decided to take an article about a subject I know and redesign it into a more visually appealing article. I was going to use the Wikipedia entry for Athena but it was just too much text so I chose a simpler article and redesigned the first few sections.

Visual Foundations - Athena redesign - image 1 - student project

This was the article. I ignored the navigation and just focused on the text in the article itself and a few of the extra bits of info from the 'Athena at a Glance' sidebar.


This is my redesign:

Visual Foundations - Athena redesign - image 2 - student project


As I don't currently have Sketch, this was designed in Canva. This presents a few issues as it is not as easy to use gridlines and you don't have as much control over individual elements so the alignment and sizing aren't perfect.


I really like this header/display font but struggled to find a body font that I was happy with. The main principles I tried to adhere to were:

- rule of 8 (text size, image height)

- warm colours for background, colours chosen through complementary palette on Adobe Color

- Hierarchy text sizes, san serif fonts

- Negative space

- Text alignment and line width

I think this still looks very basic and it could look more professional, I would love any feedback you could offer on how if I have correctly applied the principles from your course and how I could improve this article design.


Thank you!


Version 2 after feedback:

Visual Foundations - Athena redesign - image 3 - student project