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Visual Acuity

A poster design for the group I work in called The Studio.

Our group is a collection of designers, writers and illustrators who assist other departments. We're not top-of-mind when it comes to 'who can help with X?'...but we have been getting more recognition lately!

I wanted to show how our group brings focus and clarity to our client's projects. An intial idea was to show a microscope with a zoom-in on a slide with microorganisms spelling 'The Studio'. Further exploration led to the idea of stereoscopic and binocular vision. There were many ways to show this but an image search showing the visual acuity of an owl grabbed my attention.

Owls are the only bird with front-facing eyes and they have the best steroscopic vision of any bird. This spurred my design direction. Additional cues related to vision were addressed by vintage eye charts and typography. Early paintings by James Audubon inspired my color palette as well as CMYK for more brightly colored version.

As it stands, I feel that it still needs more texture and depth. Attached are pics of thumbnails and references.

Thanks for looking! Comments and critiques welcome.

At last, sharing the final image. Added more textures and subdued the colors. Thanks for looking!


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