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Visit Yugoslavia

For this project I chose to recreate this vintage poster by Janez Trpin. I love the colors and textures. I am not an experienced Illustrator so this will definitely be a challenge to get right. Looking forward to giving it a go.

I hope to attain some skills on using textures and create lighting as well as just getting more experience building shapes in Illustrator.

Update1: I started tracing the mountains with the pen tool. Just by clicking and creating points. Thereafter I went over it in outline mode and ajusted curves to match the shape more correctly. This was done using the the anchor point tool.


Next I began creating the road in the lower left corner. I created a square a rotated it using the rotating tool. Then I erased the part I didn't and ended up with the shape I needed. For the creation of the poles/fence, I used the info window to see the constrain angle of the road shape. I then entered that value in the constrain angle setting in the prefences->general window. That made it easier to draw the shapes needed.

I then used a wacom tablet and the blob brush tool to draw some highlights on the mountains and this is where I end up for now.

Update 2: I added the rocks and some water surface details using the blob brush. I think it needs some more work when I get to the texture part of this exercise.

Update 3: i added some more details and also the shapes for the train. I decided to not build the car in the lower right corner of the original. I am a little pressed for time and a bit eager to get to the texture part.

If anybody has advice on how to proceed with the texture part I would really appreciate it. Like what sort of texture to use, and how to apply them. (clipping masks and blend modes?)

Final Update:

After quite a while I have sat down and finished this project. The final version does not contain the car or the train. Both were just to detalied in the building process. Maybe someday I will get back to it.

Anyway, I went ahead and used bitmap textures made in photoshop as explained by Brad in the final segment of the lessons. Just sandwiching them in between 2 copies of a given shape.

Here is my final versions (sans transportational vehicles)

PS: The images I used as textures are free and can be found at


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