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This is my first time with Illustrator, I have always wanted to be able to make some digital art. I tried to look for a pretty ad/poster that had some challenging shapes to reproduce but also not too complicated that I would get frustrated.

Just got to the lesson on pen tool and was able to trace out the top of the lighthouse. Pretty proud of myself and very excited!


Got to the lessons on shape tools and line/brush tools.

Used shapes to build the clouds but I am not sure how to create the overlapping effect of the clouds of the original print. Anyone able to help? (Thanks in advance!)


I was able to get the clouds to look layered with "Opacity" of 30%. But now I am trying to figure out how to draw the veranda of the lighthouse. I started out shaping out the "windows" by using the pen tool, stroke but no fill but when it came to the outline of the whole veranda, I couldn't fill in the color without covering up the "windows".

Also, there are areas between the shapes that I can't seem to cover up - re: white lines/spaces near the sails of the boat and the background. I haven't completed the background yet.

Please help! Thanks in advance!


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