Visions - student project

Visions - image 1 - student project

Here is my project combining images and typography! I started with some basic thumbnails but played around more with moving modules within the grid when on the computer. I based the content for my piece on a personal vision I have for my future. It was a fun exercise.

  • Symmetry & Asymmetry: I tried to utilize asymmetry in the over-all design by having differently scaled images and blocks of color. However, I did attempt to keep balance within the spread by having a large dark image on the first page with more color blocks and images on the second page for weight.
  • Scale: Used in the scaling of images and hierarchy of text. 
  • Framing: I cropped images, like the main image on page 1. I wanted the eyes of the goat to be the focus near the title. 
  • Hierarchy: I had 3 character styles I used in the project - A header (Frontage), sub header (Goudy) and copy text (Goudy)
  • Grids: I used a 12 column grid in my design

Thank you for looking!