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Visions of Sugar Plums

I've always enjoyed making holiday treats. As Christmas approached, I wanted to try a sweets recipe I've never made before, but always have been curious about: sugar plums. It turns out "sugar plum" is a catch-all name for any treat made with dried fruit, typically sweetned with honey, then rolled into a ball and covered in sugar. Who knew? I added prunes to mine for that extra dash of plum-y authenticity!

My goal for this photo story was to show the treat-making process - from gathering ingredients, to displaying the delicious results in a party setting. 

I started with a few ingredient close-ups, and this seemed to be the most dynamic.

I also wanted to show all of the main ingredients together so a viewer could get a sense for what's involved for the recipe. I finally settled on an arranged deconstruction of the ingredients.

I took a minimalist approach to highlight the mixing step - with just a hint of the honey which had been present in the other images. 


The next step was rolling the mixture into balls. Again I tried to keep the scene fairly clean so that the food could shine.

After a quick roll in white and colored sugar, the plums are done. Now, it's time to party! I wanted the final set-up to have a much more festive feel.

Thank you for taking a look - any feedback or observations are very much appreciated!


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