Polina Solda

Professional Certified Coach



Vision board 101: the art of manifesting your dreams

Video intro to the workshop:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP1OEdxxMNA&feature=plcp

There are people out there who get exactly what they want in life. Who seem to effortlessly “have it all” – they have a dream job, loving relationship/family, perfect weight, quality lifestyle and more. All while others struggle.

There is one powerful way to become like those “lucky” people - create your vision board to create the life you want. A vision board is a poster board with images representing your dreams and goals. Its purpose is to motivate, help you stay on track and keep you focused on whatever you want to achieve.

Do you have goals and dreams that you keep pushing back year after year?

Do you wonder how other people get what they want easily and effortlessly?

Do you want to master a powerful tool to help you clearly organize your goals and accelerate their achievement?

If yes, join a group of people focused on personal growth in this workshop that will turn you into a master who creates the life by design, not by default.

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Learn about the powerful impact of a vision board;
  • Organize and prioritize your wants and desires;
  • Create key parts of your vision board;
  • Connect with other personal growth-oriented people; and
  • Leave inspired and committed to turn your vision board into a reality.

 Class Structure

The format of this class will be workshop-based. You can expect to take part in: 

  1. A segmented lecture discussing the topics above
  2. In-class questions and group discussions to help you understand key points
; and
  3. Individual and in-pairs exercises to give you hands-on experience of creating your own vision board.

Class Supplies

I recommend bringing your own laptop if you have one. All paper supplies will be provided for those who don’t bring a laptop.

About the teacher

The use of vision boards enabled me to shift from a gloomy reality into creating the life I love. In 2008 I found myself hitting the glass ceiling at my job, being rejected by all graduate schools I applied for, separating from my husband and moving out to a tiny apartment facing a brick wall outside of Washington, DC. It was then that I learned about the power of vision boards and have created multiple versions over the last years. On average, 90% of everything that I put on my vision boards turns into a reality. Since that time, I have been manifesting my dreams – life in NYC, earned Master’s Degree from NYU Wagner School of Public Service, found my soul mate, traveled extensively, became a wife and a mother as well as launched my own business among other things. I continue to create vision boards.

Now I am a certified coach accredited by the International Coach Federation helping people who find themselves stuck personally and or professionally reach their goals. The use of vision boards and massive actions help these people thrive in key areas of their lives.







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