Maureen Hanratty




Vision & Goals for the year 2022


It is a Sunday afternoon in the fall of 2022. I am 42 years old and am sitting on the floor of my child's room. We are building an electric toy from a kit I bought online. I look up and see pictures she has drawn, the photos she has taken, and other things she has made covering the walls. As we tinker I hear the sound of my husband's guitar drifting in from the other room. Now that we have our own home I don't worry about his music disrupting the neighbors.

It is a Monday morning. I'm toweling off from a refreshing lap swim in the pool.  I get dressed and start walking to my design studio. I unlock the door and look around at the white walls and empty desks. I'm in early to put the finishing touches on a speech that I am giving at a museum exhibiting an interactive art work my studio has created. Writing my speech I'm amazed at what I've been able to accomplish. I have a design practice that sustains me financially and an art practice that fulfills me creatively. They are so intertwined that sometimes there is no line between the two.

As I get stuck on a part of my speech my mind wanders to our upcoming trip to Bali. Even with a child we've some how been able to stick to our plan of taking a trip abroad every year for the last ten years. I can't wait to take my daughter snorkeling for the first time! I can smell the salt water and hear the sound of the waves as I sip my tea.

10 YEAR GOALS (2022 at age 42)

• I own a home by 2018
• I celebrate my 40th birthday in Sayulita, Mexico with my entire family in 2020.
• I attend every grand slam tennis event (US Open, French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon) by 2022.

• I have run a full marathon by 2020
• I have scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef by 2019.
• I weigh 120 pounds at age 40

• My work is shown in an art or design museum by 2022.
• I have taken a six-month sabbatical from full-time work by 2020.
• I am written up in Wired magazine by 2018

5 YEAR GOALS (2017 at age 36)

• I give birth to my first child in 2017.
• I have traveled to India, Thailand, Japan, Argentina, South Africa, and Spain by 2016.
• I attend the Australian Open in 2014.

• I have completed a sprint triathlon by 2016.
• I play a full tennis match 1 day a week by 2015
• I have swum from Alcatraz to the Bay by 2014

• I co-found my own design-centric company/non-profit by 2016.
• I am written up in a Techcrunch article by 2015
• I speak at a major design conference by 2014

1 YEAR GOALS (2013 at age 33)

• I travel to Asia by October 2013.
• I create a home savings account by February 2013.
• I create 1 web sketch by January 2013.

• I complete my first open water swim by September 2013.
• I track my food for one month by February 2013
• I swim 2 times per week by January 2013

• I build a simple HTML5 app by July 2013
• I write by first blog post by April 2013
• I build my first prototype by February 2013


I give myself confidence in my creative abilities.
I give myself the permission to dream big.
I give myself the strength to persevere.


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