Vision, Goals & Declaration


In ten years by the time, I’m happily married and have children in school.  I have my own business and volunteer; providing career counseling and health coaching. I am connected to my community and my friends and am continuing to participate in triathlons that my husband and I bring our children to.  We want them to grow up knowing what it is to be fit and healthy.   I visit my family in England at least once a year, staying very much connected to my Mum & Dad, my brother and nephew and the wonderful friends I have there.  We travel often around the United States and abroad, teaching our children about other cultures and ways of life. 

10 Years


  • We own rental property, which gives us additional income to travel
  • We travel frequently, visiting family in England and traveling to a new place every year
  • We teach our children about other countries, cultures and communities


  • I have my own business as a career counselor and health coach by June 2022
  • I provide volunteer services to unemployed and underprivileged communities
  • I give seminars on career options and healthy living across the US


  • I continue participating in triathlons and my children do too/ come to races
  • My children love to be active
  • We are active as a family

5 Years


  • Our children are in great schools
  • Our children are happy and supported
  • We are financially stable
  • We have a new home with a garden
  • We visit my parents in England annually


  • I am trained as a career counselor and health coach by June 2016.
  • I am volunteering for a community based services organization
  • I am making the transition from my FT job to starting my own business as a career counselor and health coach


  • I have taken a biking/hiking trip with my family by Aug 2017
  • I have learned to relax and enjoy down time
  • We have a family adventure every month


 1 year


  • I have completed my annual financial planning (1st time I've done this) and continue to follow it - Jan-Dec 2013
  • I have substantially reduced my credit card debt
  • I have enough in savings to start planning how to invest my additional income 


  • I have taken health coach training sessions by Aug 2013
  • I have been promoted to Director of Digital Production for the company I work for
  • I have researched training options for becoming a career counselor by March 2013
  • I have signed up for a career counseling course by April 2013
  • I have completed a career counseling course by Dec 2013


  • I continue doing Triathlons – Dale & I do the ½ ironman in Hawaii in June 2013 and vacation after
  • I have run my 1st marathon by Dec 2013
  • I continue practicing yoga 3-5 x a week


  • I am resourceful and independent
  • I am open to possibility
  • I am compassion and integrity
  • I am determined to overcome any adversity and make life the best it can possibly be
  • I am loyal and supportive
  • I am fit and healthy and full of energy
  • I can accomplish anything
  • I am happy
  • I am strong and vital
  • I help others
  • I explore, learning and teaching as I go
  • I am powerful and resilient
  • I allow myself to be vulnerable
  • I love family and adventure
  • I am prosperous and generous
  • I am learning all the time



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