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Vision Board :)

This is a very rough draft of the look I want to go for in my up coming shoot - it will grow smaller as a try to consolidate the ideas. Basically, the phrase that stand out in my head when I think of my vision for this shoot is 'beauty in the quiet'

I love the idea of creating a story with a photo....vs. just having the model standing in a setting with nice clothes on. Because of this, I would like to incorporate art into my shoot for a splash of color among neutral tones. 

Perhaps my model will be an artist of some kind, working with a drawing, paint, or even food. As an artist, I value alone time to recharge and understand the beauty of nature that is already present around me. It re-inspires me. I would love to incorporate this concept into my shoot and challenge myself to work with light better. 

I will be using nuetral or pastel tones to allow the story to be front and center. I also love the rustic tones that nature presents and think that this can combine with art in a great way.

I have a male model and two female models to test this with and will be using clothing from madewell and modcloth to give it a quiet, nuetral, yet current feel. 

** above photos not mine

I shot a recent photo and re-edited it after hearing some of Bethany's ideas on working with shadows and the present things in the setting, like trees/walls. I don't think I was using shadows and light well in the first image. I liked the below result, and will be editing my up and coming shoot similarly to my photo below, with these pastel tones. Thanks for any input! :)

** above photo my own, belonging to


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