Elaine Hester

Digital Media Instructor



Vision: 2017 and 2022

November 25, 2013


This Thanksgiving we celebrated with sincere gratitude for having acheived our monetary goals of securing fixed-mortgages on our Walnut Creek and Martinez homes, and paying off the manufactured home we are living in to help reduce our expenses and pay down our debt. We are now contributing 20% of our income to retirement and have a solid and growing nest egg as we prepare to shop for our dream home and property.                       


I have a position where I am working minimal hours and have summers off to allow for creative freedom and travel. I have a decent income that continues to go towards paying down our debt, as well as allowing us to satisfy our travel desires. I love my job! There are so many rewards that income is not a factor.


Through a regular routine of Yoga, stretching, and exercise I no longer have issues with my hip. I am able to do all the activities I enjoy and living with daily pain is a distant memory. 

November 25, 2022


Each morning I awake with a smile, giving thanks and praise for the joy I feel as I watch the caustics dancing on my bedroom walls from the morning sun reflecting off of Big Blue The sound of waves crashing on shore and the smell of ocean air gives me renewed energy to start my day.


Each year we plan a vacation to look forward to. In addition to returning to Italy to visit family and enjoy the Amalfi coast, we have great memories of our time together in Paris, Switzerland, Prague, the Maldives, and more. My 3-dimensional photographs displayed on the walls of our home keep the memories alive.        



As my career flourishes, I continue to find enrichment, empowerment, and joy through creative expression while I teach others to find these within themselves.


I never would have believed how good I could feel at this age! I am in the best shape of my life as I continue to compete in the sport of triathlon. Glen is now participating along with me and we train together in our own back yard. We look forward to our oceanfront runs, our bike rides, and swimming together--either in our infinity pool or in the ocean outside our doorstep. 


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