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Visibly Invisible

Have you ever felt truly invisible?  I guess there is no real way of saying so?  Todd knows though, he truly does.  He was born invisible.  Only now has he just been able to be seen.  George saw him one day, standing there just looking at her.  Is Todd becoming visable?  Is George seeing things?  Is everyone just a ghost?

Once upon a time there was a boy named Todd.  He was a quiet boy who had a secret.  Todd was invisible.  He truly was, he knew he was, he knew no one could see him, no one could hear him.  Todd didn't know when he became invisible, he had been that way since he could remember.  Everyday he would go to school, go to class, walk the halls, but no one would play with him.  No one would talk to him.  No one would eat with him at lunch, but he wasnt very hungry anyways.  See, Todd was lonely.  Not even the teachers called on him when he swore he knew the answer.  No one batted an eye when he screamed, or returned a wave, a nod, a friendly smile.  Thats how Todd knew he was invisible, until one day when someone actually noticed him.  Someone had actually seem Todd.  Todd was trying out new roller skates he found.  Todd didn't take them.  No, he just borrowed them and would eventually place the misplaced item back where he got it from.  Todd wasn't good at skating, especially when he was carrying his books.  They always said no skating in the halls, but Todd didn't think anyone would notice.  He began to loose his balance and suddenly found himself rolling down the halls fast.  Desperatly he tried to maintain his balance and his grip on the books that began to juggle in his arms.  He lunged, lurched, and glidded down the hallway like a magestic smooth sailling rolling jalopy.  Oh what a sight it was, and thats when he crashed.  Papers and books exploded from his grip as his feet went out from under him and he landed with a thud.  "Oww....."  Todd groaned as papers slowly danced from the sky around him.  "Are you okay?"  What is this, Todd thought.  He blinked and squinted, his eyes blinded from the florescent lights that lined the school ceiling.  There she was, a little girl with her hand outstretched offering assistance.  That was George, and she could see Todd, and because of this Todd was not alone.  Todd got to be like a normal kid.  Todd got to talk, joke, laugh, and have someone to eat with.  George was happy to have found Todd herself.  She was in a fight with her friends and hadn't spoken to them.  She was angry that they didnt want to go on an adventure with her.  They had been too afraid, whimps she thought, and because of this she took Todd.  George took Todd to the old abondoned gold mine to find left behind treasures.  They went late at night with flashlights tapped to their ballcaps.  Deep into the pit they went untill finally George slipped.  Todd reached out and grabbed her hand, the first time they ever truly touched.  "Don't let go don't let go!" George pleeded.  "I wont" Todd squeeked out as he pulled and pulled slowly he had her up.  He saved her, and they had left the pit together.  "I gotta go, I think I hear my mom calling me." George said.  "Okay" Todd sheepishly replied.  George turned to leave, but first jumped into Todd saueezing him tightly.  "Bye." she said as she let go.  That was the last time Todd saw her.  Ever since that day though, he knew maybe just maybe he isn't always invisible.  Maybe he can be seen by the right person.


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