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Virtual Resumes and achieving your PASSION (NOT...dream job, I hate the word job)

Rushing off to a happy hour event so I'll make this's a first attempt at the ABOUT ME section:

Hi, I’m Ryan Bonhardt and during college I decided to avoid Corporate America, find my passion, and live life as I wanted to. In the beginning it was rough and I STRUGGLED....but then I discovered simple tricks to promote myself and get the "jobs" I wanted.  Since then I've helped found a non-profit running across the USA for Sarcoma cancer research, lived in 10 cities, been a white water river guide, and advised multiple small businesses. I want to share these tricks with you so you too can live the life you’ve dreamed of.

Updated June 25th to include salesscript:

Have you said any of these phrases recently?

"Man I don't like my job, but I don't know where to start at getting a new one"

 "I'm about to graduate, but I'm having trouble getting a job I'd like" 

"I know what I want to do, but I don't know how to get there"

“I want to have my own site and start writing, but I don’t know how to build websites”

Well then this class is for you....

You don't want to be that guy (or girl for you ladies) that looks back and pats himself on the back for being the go-to-guy at the office to fix the jammed copier.  NOOOOOO...

You want to find your passion, to combine work and play, and not be stuck in Corporate America.

But Ryan…how the heck am I supposed to do that???

Don’t WORRY MY FRIENDS, I’m here for you…

In this class you’ll build your own virtual resume – a fancy term for your own website and blog to promote your skills, thoughts, and passions.

Gone are the days of simply submitting your boring resume to a recruiter and hoping to land a mundane mid-level job. 

You have to stand out from the crowd and follow your passion. This course is going to get you on that track.  You’ll learn the secrets of today’s top online self promotion gurus.

The same ones being used by 18 year old promotional ninjas to get work with Bestselling Authors and top Silicon Valley start-ups before they even graduate high school.

And you’ll have the ground work - your own virtual resume, and first blog post – and skills to do the same.

If you want to get on path to grabbing your dream job (by the way I hate that word…job, let’s use PASSION FROM NOW ON)  and start promoting yourself then sign up for this class today.

P.S.  WARNING: This class may actually be fun and make you feel like you have new superpowers.  Don’t worry…that’s normal ;)

P.P.S Is there any reason you wouldn’t sign up today and start towards achieving your dreams?


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