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Virtual Play-offs by rockymma

One day I was looking on (website for kid makers to create projects and share them with the world) when I saw this cool project about play-offs which I though where really cool but I noticed that not every town has a maker club or play-off. So I wanted to find a better solution that could make moderation easier and everything! So I run a server called kid-craft and we did a experiement with play-offs through minecraft and we got results that where a instant hit! Kids loved the play-offs we where being constantly asked can we have a play-off today please. The way I of minecraft is a game with possibilitys for education and fun. In this case we used it to connect kids from all over the united states for a play-off online (now some of you are thinking play-offs are diy and taking them virtually is ruining the idea) but it really doesn't. It gives kids tons of options another thing about minecraft play-offs are cost of materials If you run a minecraft server then its basically free you don't have to pay for minecraft blocks so its very cost friendly and on top of that it allows for more advanced projects with out the advanced price :). So me and my team of makers set out to engineer a better way of mc play-offs and we kept making it better and better like making boxes so teams know not to leave there box and having command blocks to turn their gamemode to survival when they build and to clear their inventory so they don't cheat! We also have the nice option of clean-up time when you get done in real life doing a play-off there is a lot of clean up right cardboard everywhere and glue and its just a mess but we can use plugins like world edit to instantly clean up the mess on minecraft play-offs we can also moderate smack talk and cussing with our server protection plugins!

Our first play-off had a box with a simple chest with supplies

at our second play-off we added tools cause we quickly learned that they where needed

on our 3rd play-off we added boxes because kids kept being so excited they would forget to stay inside the area.

and our 4th play-off was our final test where we added command blocks and support teams and made it fully auto-mated so play-offs can be held and a staff member can moderate with out having to run around and check on the chests and make sure no-body is cheating,etc.

Over-all I was shocked at the results and amazed by what kids invented like tall towers that reached the mc sky and giant squids and last but not least a giant pyramid which I was shocked with!


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