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Virtual Currency Middleware

With the growth of games based on virtual purchases to generate revenue, the software design and engineering aspects to implement virtual currency and manage/record virtual transactions become an important part of customer retention.

Countless developers reinvent the wheel every time they publish a microtransaction-based game - time that would be better spent honing game mechanics and making the game appealing to an audience.

This does not need to be that way. This project is a company that develops an SDK that helps game developers implement virtual currency management and microtransactions into their game easily and quickly.

For this, developers will pay either a one-time license fee or, for a set amount of time, a portion of their revenue. For the company to offer this SDK, it will have to be developed, customers will have to be supported and new customers acquired. 

-------------- Features --------------

- SDK offers easy integration of in-app-purchases for both Android Play Store and Apple App Store with price points set by the developer.

- Insure that users can keep their virtual currency balance even if they re-install the game / change devices - virtual currency wallets tied to both device ID and user ID

- Cross Application Balance - users can buy currency in one game and use it in different games by the same developer for cross promotion and user retention

------------ Benefits / Needs ----------

Save development time! Increase your monetization!

----------- Plan ----------------

- Found

- Develop

- Roll out!


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