Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant - student project

1) Do you think this kind of job
alignes with what you want for your
life? Why?

A: I Want to be a Social Media Manager/ Community Manager, so starting as Virtual Assistant can give me the experience I need to get started.

2) Skills and personality:
a) Are you a shy or outgoing person? Do
you prefer in-person conversations or
social media?

A: I am a bit shy so I rather doing it over social media or Voice chat

b) Do you have experience in sales or
c) Do you have experience as a
receptionist, secretary or assistant?

A: I have Experience with Project Managements and I worked with Sales and Marketing teams.

d) Do you have any creative skills like
graphic design/ web design?
e) Do you like talking and interacting
with people?

A: I have basic Graphic Design skills using Canva. and I enjoy talking and interacting with people.

3) What services are you going to offer?
Have in mind the following:
a) Things you already know how to do.
Things you feel comfortable doing.
b) Things you enjoy doing. Have in
mind that you will have to do this
everyday, so make sure you enjoy your

A: Since I used to be Content Creator (Twitch, Twitter, etc.) I would enjoy helping new/professional Creator manage their channel/social media and help them grow. I work in contract negations in my current 9-to-5 job so I believe I can help with that as well.

4) Choose your ideal client!
To do this, have in mind the following:

What services are you offering and
who can they help?
What are your passions and hobbies?
Think about a person with the same
interests as you, who can benefit from
your services.

A:I Selected four of my friends who are fellow Content Creators to help since they are looking to grow their channels and social media presence.

5) Social Media and Portfolio.
Link below the links to your social media
and portfolio!

Facebook Business Page: 


Instagram Profile: 



A: Not Ready Yet.

6) How to find clients. In my experience,
this are the main ways to find clients:

People you already know

Facebook Groups


Let me know when you find your first
client and where did you find them!

A: People I already know.

7) Pricing! If you want, you can tell me
here about your pricing choice if you
want my opinion! If not, that's totally

A: I was thinking 5 $ an hour.