Virginia is for Lovers of Life

 Virginia, I know to some this State seems useless. What does Virginia do? There is west Virginia, they bring the world coal. Then there is Ohio, without them we wouldn’t have quality potatoes. Texas gives us oil and California gives us Hollywood. Well, Virginia gives us Beauty. There is beauty in the History, in the mountains, and in the adventures that can be had; endless loveliness to be shared.

This beautiful spot is called  McAfee Knob. It is located on the Catawba Mountain in Roanoke Virginia on the beautiful Appalachian Trail. Modeling this Photo is none other than Leah my beautiful Girlfriend. Now when I say that Virginia is full of beauty she does not fall out of the category. The Hike is four miles in one direction and isn’t for the faint of heart. No, only true beauty seekers can face the climb. Are you up for the challenge? 

This is the Rock none other than the Humpback Bridge. Outlasting us all, it has stood firm since the 1800’s. It rest in the edge of the small town of Covington, Virginia. Many consider it a lost treasure in the rubble of what was once a booming city. Thousands visit year around and it remains a popular spot for wedding photography. On the inside the walls are lined with what seems like graffiti however, it’s really ambitions of love or dates and names of relationships.

This Bridge expands over a still serviced railroad. It’s an exhalant addition to the Huckleberry Trail which connects Blacksburg and Christiansburg and is located in Montgomery, Virginia. It runs along the Virginia Anthracite & Coal Railroad. The trail draws many hikers, bikers and adventure seekers.

These Photos are of a beautiful state. However beauty sometimes beauty comes at a cost. The state needs you! Virginia is calling your name. If it isn’t explored she will surely die and her history destroyed. Give her a glance of hope and capture her essence. Her legacy will live on through people like you who care to be adventures. Now, who is courageous enough?

Wont you come with me? wont you be the first to Discover?


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