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Virginia Flora

I wanted to do something to do with the local(ish!) flora here in my home state of Virginia. I used some of my own images as a starting point (The tree with a skirt, and the fire hydrant/tulips), and went from there. Here's my moodboard, with color swatches.


I was drawn to the quirky style of the illustrated flowers in the above moodboard, and then came across the goofy pattern of the eggs----that helped me narrow down a style a little better. The designs/styles I was drawn to were those that were with simplistic shapes, curved edges and jewel tones. I thought that these elements provided a little bit of whimsy. Here's the style board where I compiled some of these ideas:


I sketched out some ideas, and while babysitting, nabbed some of my neice's crayons to visualize color and offset style I wanted to use a little more clearly. After I got some rough designs, I used a lightbox to re-trace with pen, and then scanned them into illustrator. I used the live trace quite a bit. I did construct a good number of the finished elements with the pen tool, and I tried to use the variety of techniques Bonnie so helpfully laid out.


Here's what I ended up with! I wasn't so sure about spacing---and I still think I could work on some aspects of the design.


smaller repeat:


Variations of some of the pattern elements:



Product mock-ups


Still learning, and eager for feedback---but thank you so much for this course! every element of it was so supportive, informative, and just fantastic.



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