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Viral Marketing Campaign - Do Good & Go Viral

Online Viral marketing scheme for

Helping the Homeless & Going Viral

  • Viral video series giving to the homeless during the winter period. 
  • Clothes from Karmaloop and Hot Food. Explained below in execution. 


The idea is directed towards Karmaloop's target market "the verge" culture and their constant use of the internet. Using this to Karmaloop's advantage, the intention is to create a series of viral videos that reach beyond Karmaloop's existing customer base and create attention for Karmaloop during their busiest shopping season. 

The videos are created to go viral through creating an emotional connection with the viewer. The helping the homeless videos have a greater potential of being shared and appearing on other sites than normal videos such as a lookbook/interview.

Karmaloop gives a lot of money away through twitter however they can gain more from this venture in terms of strengthening brand values and increasing profile during the shopping season. 

Be on the level of your customer. 

Karmaloop emulates the street wear culture and by doing so, their customer. By being heavily involved and contributing to the street wear industry, Karmaloop has gained the trust of their customer because of their passion and authenticity. 

Karmaloop's consistent giving attitude towards their customers is the approach the video needs so that it does not look like a marketing campaign. 

Web 2.0

My marketing plan is dependent on social media.

  • Produce something that appeals to the emotional side of internet users.
  • People are more inclined to share videos that have a social message. 
  • A customer can read a blog post and retain some of the information, see a picture and recognise it later but a video that has a great social message is memorable which is adventageous for Karmaloop. 

It makes sense:

Karmaloop represents street wear culture and the brands stocked represent the streets. Giving back at Christmas is the perfect time to help the people living on the streets plus raise Karmaloop's profile at it's busiest time of year for higher potential revenue. 

There are many people that Karmaloop is perfect for that STILL don't know about Karmaloop. Christmas is a great time to introduce them. As a retailer you already have stock that hasn't sold as well as first thought so why not give them away and benefit more from this than a large gift code on twitter?

Usually when Karmaloop or you give gift codes on twitter your mentions spike during this period and then fade the day after. This idea is to create something that lasts longer, appears on blogs and to follow up with another video.

Possible problem:

Maybe a brand doesn't want their clothing being worn by the homeless. I don't think this will be a problem, the giving doesn't need to be a showcase of the brands stocked. It should show the act of giving by Karmaloop.

How long will the process take? 

1-3 days. Source clothing to give away, Filming and Editing.

How many staff members will it require? 

3 maximum. 



Depending on how many times you want to do the video, what clothing and how much you give away.  Coats, socks, beanie hats.

Will anything have to be sub-contracted? 

KarmaloopTV and Karmaloop have everything required. Food (explained in execution).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

How this will lead to revenue?

New revenue is expected to come from new customers seeing the video and the Karmaloop core following. Last slide in the video could offer a promo code as an attempt to make people visit the site after viewing.  KTV can also expect an increase in subscribers affecting revenue in the future. The video has worldwide appeal, not just directed as one niche. 

Visual Representation of what your strategy is:

Looking at the numbers of views on similar "Helping the Homeless" videos, they are much higher than the average KarmaloopTV video. Helping the homeless and Karmaloop's Gitoo series are similar, they both give away clothing. However, Gitoo has gained 15,000 views in three episodes 

The homeless series has the potential of being viral because it makes an emotional connection. Vitaly (5million) Fousey (400,000) and TrueStoryASA (1,000,000) All links provided.  

Vitaly's video has passed 5 million views in less than 2 months.

Fousey passed 400,000 in 1.5 month.

TrueStoryASA passed 1,000,000 in 3 months.

How to Execute:

  • Winter period, October - Jan 
  • One video a month creating a series, giving out clothes and food. 
  • Give away Karmaloop clothing, new or from last season with food. It does not matter if it isn't new. It is the act of giving that is inspiring. Possibly Karmaloop employees want to donate clothes they don't want to wear anymore. 

Where should the food come from?

Using The Fresh Good Generation that received funding from the Future Boston Alliance. They provide healthy affordable meals to Boston's low-income neighborhoods and employ people from those neighbourhoods. Their knowledge is indispensable on who is outside in the cold for the winter and where they are. One video could be a tag along with Fresh Food Generation and KarmaloopTV giving hot food to the homeless.


Upload onto KarmaloopTV and publicise it through Karmaloop's social media page. This concept is of interest to local newspapers and online media outlets i.e Boston Herald (something that is happening in the community) Hypebeast, Complex, Brandchannel, Mashable, WSHH, Huffington Post (these type of videos have appeared on Worldstar and Huffington Post before).

Realistically Karmaloop is a retailer and there are hundreds of other retailers that stock the same brands which gives the customer the power of choice who gets their money. Karmaloop is the leader in street wear because it represents a lifestyle through being heavily involved in the culture. Having separated from the competition, Karmaloop has created a business that the customer feels that they are a part of which is an extremely powerful tool.

The venture I propose is something to get people within Karmaloop's core and outside of it talking. Karmaloop is a company that is creative and imaginative in their approach to marketing and this is an orthodox marketing approach.



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