Viral Map for Design House Digital

Viral Map for Design House Digital - student project

Design House Digital is a site dedicated towards digital and printable crafting.  We sell digital download files that are exclusive to our site and available nowhere else.  Our site is a store, a blog, and a community.  We have a project gallery and a forum.  Our target market are mostly female adults, ranging from retired women, moms with young children, and college students.  Our email list has over 18,000 subscribers, our community has over 33,000 registered members, and our site gets close to 400,000 page views a month.  Our Facebook fan page has over 4,000 followers, and we have Pinterest and Twitter accounts too.

Recently, our site went through a major transition.  My previous business partner, most of the designers, and the other contributors left the shop to start a competing shop.  That let me, the owner, with an awesome site.  I have hired new employees, and am working with them to replacing the store inventory.

The company's goals are threefold:

To create work-from-home jobs for people who need to work from home, including moms with young children.

To sell digital download files.

To create an environment that facilitates, fosters, and supports people who are into digital scrapbooking and digital crafting.

Right now, I need to really engage people with the company, and breathe new life into the brand.  Because customers' interactions with our brand are declining.


Major Players

1. Crafters at many skill levels (pro, experienced, beginner), who use both digital and traditional paper techniques (customers)

2. Personal scrapbookers at many skill levels, who focus on their own personal histories (customers)

3. Our professional digital designers, who create materials for use by the professional digital crafters.  Some of them sell directly on our site (salespeople)

4. Our professional scrapbookers & crafters, who use the digital designs for sale on our site to create ideas for publishing in our blog, their blogs, and other places in the online social digi world.

Mary Shaw

Owner at Design House Digital, LLC