Violin Rosin Label Design

Violin Rosin Label Design - student project

Violin Rosin Label Design - image 1 - student projectViolin Rosin Label Design - image 2 - student project     As a Violinist, I decided to work on a label design for Violin Rosin (the stuff you put on your bow to make it play better). The most valued violins are the ones that are hand made so I figured a hand made label for Rosin would work very well with this product. 

     I want the design to be elegant and extravagant, almost reminescent of the Rococo style of art (which was a major time of leisurely hobbies such as music). So I decided to focus on the very lavish and classical for my research.

Incuded in my research are examples of current Rosin packaging alongside  with the style of design I'm aiming for.