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Violet & Blue


Target primary audience: YA romance. 15-20-something. 

One Line: A 16-year-old is in coma after a suicide attempt. She used to be a straight A student and a Jesus freak so no one really understood what happened to her. No one, but one girl, Samantha.

Blurb: Violet, a sweet 16-year-old-girl, finds herself in a hospital bed due a suicide attempt. Everything changed in her life after Samantha, the new preacher's daughter, came into her city and they became friends. Samantha and Violet were very different, but still there was something holding them together, something stronger than them and that they weren't able to fight against. But falling in love with each other was not the bed of roses they had anticipated.

Author's Note: English is no my first language. I love writing and unfortunately in my native language (Portuguese) there aren't many courses and this one to help us become better writers. Writing in another language is very difficult, so pardon my grammar mistakes. 


Sample pages:

                 Her name was Violet, Maggie's favorite color. She had this beautiful blonde hair and deep ocean eyes. The floor turned into a catwalk whenever she passed and her smile was always peaceful and understanding. She was a straight A student, top of her class and she exceeded in pretty much everything she did. Despite of being an only child, she didn't fit the selfish stereotype. On contraire, she has always dreamt of being a psychologist. She loved listening to other people's problem and helping them out. Every Sunday, she and her parents went to a Baptist church. She was part of their choir ever since she could remember and once a month she gathered the church's youth in order to donate clothes and food to homeless people. The church also had a program to rehabilitate drug addicts, but the Sheppard told her she was too young to help, which made her very sad.

                She had a boyfriend called Max, great kid. He wasn't as bright as her, not that she cared about that. So what if he had never read To Kill a Mockingbird? He wanted to be a lawyer and she was absolutely sure that he would end up being just as great as Atticus Finch, her childhood hero. They met at church's camp and they fell in love right away.  He was kind and gentle and she was everything a boy like him could ever dream of.

                Then it happened. No one could understand why. No one saw it coming. Violet was lying in a hospital bed, between life and death, after a suicide attempt. People didn't know what could have made someone like her lose faith in God and in life. No one knew, except for one girl.

                It all began with Samantha.

                Samantha was nothing like Violet. She had a short black hair and angry eyes. She walked like she was about to punch someone and she had this annoying smirk on her face. She was known as detention girl and was at the dean's office more often than she was in her classrooms. She was always wearing trashed jeans, rock t-shirts and dirty boots. Once she was caught stealing a book from a bookshop and her father, a well-respected man, had to bail her out.

                Samantha was at church every Sunday. Not by her own choice, of course. I mean... she was the shepherd's daughter. She had to be there. It was not long ago that they moved there, to that creepy little town. It was a Christian version of Stars Hollow, without Luke's diner to provide her some great morning coffee. They didn't even have a Starbucks! Sam was used to being a big city girl; going to alternative rock concerts,  visiting art galleries to check out some cool stuff, spending her afternoons in her favorite comic book stores. Everything there was dull and lame. Everything except for Violet.

                It was Sunday school, too early in the morning. She was wearing a black, sleeveless dress, grey knee high socks and black leather boots. They were talking about king David when, out of the sudden, a girl walked into the room. And she was a vision. Violet was wearing a long white dress and brown boots. She had this lovely flowery hat and a brown knit waistcoat. She was a hippier version of Anne Hall. Samantha loved it.

                And that was where they met, if you could call that meeting. They just looked at each other and, boom, it was there. They didn't know exactly what it was, but that was really irrelevant for them. At that point, at least. It was exciting and suffocating, like summer time. They were curious but not bold enough to make something about it. Samantha made the first move. One day after church she just asked Violet out. Just like that, out of the blue, before she could over think it.  "Let's have some ice cream. My treat." They didn't even know each other's name.

                The date, if you could call it that, was awkward and pleasant. They didn't say a word. Somehow, they didn't have to. By the end of it, Violet looked right at Samantha's eyes and said "Coffee at Bubbles? My treat." And then it started.

                Violet wondered how she hadn't noticed Samantha before. It was NOT that difficult, after all, she didn't quite exactly blend in. But ever since they became friends, or something like that, she saw the other girl everywhere. It was too much of a coincidence.               

                They had more in things common than they would have thought. They loved 80's teenage movies (mostly John Hughes' but not only), the Beach Boys (I know, right? Meant to be!) and literature (Nick Hornby was their John Green). Both of them had been forbidden of reading  Harry Potter in their childhood because it involved witchcraft, so they decided to rent the books in their school's libraries. They spent entire afternoons together reading it and talking about their favorite scenes and characters. Violet loved Hermione and shipped Ron Weasley and her so much, while Samantha's favorite character was Snape. They were Gryffindor and Slytherin, respectively. It took them a month to finish the seven books.

                Bubbles soon became their favorite spot. They went there almost every day after school to have milkshake, talk about books and movies and give each other cds. High Fidelity was Violet's bedside table book and she just fell in love with the whole mixtape ideia. She thought of music as something that could touch people's souls and she saw in it the opportunity of giving a little part of herself to Samantha.

                Violet's mixtape was as sweet as her. The CD cover was handmade, a white paper filled with colorful drawings and "Violet's rainbows and unicorns world" written in capital letters in the middle of the page. When she turned the CD case over, she found the tracks also written in colored letters.

"Hope you don't think it's silly."              
"All of it. My drawings, the songs."        
"Don't worry. I'm loving it already. Thank you so much. Can't wait til I get home so I can  listen to it."

                Violet's smile brighten up and Samantha's heart melt down.

                Samantha spent nearly a week listening only to Violet's mixtape. It gave her shivers down the spine every freaking time. On the following Monday, she gave Vi her own mixtape. "Samantha's burning world" was also written in capital letters, but it was not colorful at all. There were no drawings either. But inside the CD case there was a letter explaining the reasons why she chose each of those songs. They were a bit aggressive and somewhat depressive, just like Sam. Violet listened to all of that repeatedly and gave herself the mission of mending Samantha's crippled heart.


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